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My partner and I made no attempt to play our opponent’s return because I was anticipating a second serve. Our opponent claimed he won the point because he made a good return. We said that the serve was out, and it should be a second serve. Who was right? Answer: The opponent was right in claiming he won the point. According to Code 5, players ...

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On the other hand, when they serve the ball in, self 1 is typically occupying much of your mental capacity while you attempt to strike the return. Here are some of the consequences of giving self 1 too much control while playing tennis. 1. Added Tension. When the serve lands out, you naturally loosen up.

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When serving the first serve, stand behind the baseline between the center mark and the right sideline. The ball is hit diagonally into the service box on the other side of the net, on the opposite side of the center mark from which the server is serving.

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The server alternates serving from the two halves of the court. In both a standard game, and tie-break game, the server begins by serving from the right half of the court. The serve must pass over the net and hit the service court that is diagonally opposite the server, before the receiver may return it.

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A proper tennis serve stance is when your feet are positioned so that the front foot is pointing towards the right net post (for right-handers) and the back foot is parallel to the baseline. Basic serve stance gives you balance in all directions.

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As competition gets better the other player is at the net focused on the movement of the other team after the serve not looking back at their teammate. The rules of tennis specify that the umpire decides decides whether the ball is in or out (assisted by line judges etc as appropriate).

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In this serve tip OTI Instructor Ean Meyer shows you a very effective drill to master the up and out swing. On the serve we look down at our target through t...

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If a player believes the ball to be out, he should call it out as soon as possible, before the opponent starts to play the return shot. Once the game is resumed, the player loses the chance to call the ball out. Although this is very rare, sometimes a ball that was headed to be out hits the net post and is kept in play. Who Calls the Ball Out?

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A player who calls a ball out shall reverse the call if the player becomes uncertain or realizes that the ball was good. The point goes to the opponent and is not replayed. However, when a receiver reverses a fault call on a serve that hit the net, the server is entitled to two serves.